Ankita Lokhande Eviction in Bigg Boss 17: Shocking news for everyone

ankita lokhande
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It shocked everyone when Ankita Lokhande was eliminated in fourth place at the Bigg Boss 17 grand finale.

Salman Khan, the host of the show, and Ankita’s spouse, Vicky Jain, were particularly shocked by her elimination. Salman told her, “I’m shocked” by your elimination. I assumed you would emerge victorious. It surprises me that you aren’t. I am unaware of the circumstances behind your eviction from the house. Everyone on the team is taken aback.” Following Ankita’s eviction, Ankita’s sister-in-law started to cry. The ‘Pavitra Rishta’ star said she was shocked and didn’t know how to react. Then, expressing her satisfaction, she further said that since her mother was standing next to her, she was fine.

ankita lokhande
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Ankita Lokhande’s journey in the BB house

Together with her spouse, Vicky Jain, Ankita Lokhande entered “Bigg Boss 17.” The audience was unaware of the couple’s true side because they were used to seeing her as the carefree, optimistic Beti on TV. She had multiple verbal altercations with her spouse, Vicky Jain in the house. She and her spouse, Vicky Jain, got into many fights. Her devoted followers believed that they had the same difficulties in real life as any other ordinary marriage. But Ankita reached the end in spite of all the difficulties.

Fans were also upset by Vicky Jain’s mother, Ranjana Jain’s brutal remarks towards her. The audience spoke through her stern words and supported Ankita with their votes. Ankita Lokhande persisted even after Vicky was taken out, holding her ground. She was evicted from the race to the finale right at the very end. At the news of Ankita’s eviction, Vicky Jain appeared to be crying.

Salman Khan was in a state of shock.

The host was equally shocked when Ankita came on stage with Salman Khan. “I am shocked,” he uttered. I assumed you would emerge as a winner. It surprises me that you aren’t. I am unaware of the circumstances behind your eviction from the house. Everyone on the squad is in disbelief.

“This year, I felt Ankita would win; last year, I felt Priyanka (Chahar Chaudhury) would win.” I believe that Ankita’s journey must have been one of the most difficult journeys in history.

Ankita expressed her uncertainty about what to say. The actress continued by expressing her happiness at having her mother standing next to her. Salman was told by Ankita afterwards, “Mujhe laga that mujhe badi problem hogi agar main jaldi nikal jaati hoon.” Ankita went on to say that having her mother there made her feel “okay.”

Throughout her career, the actress’s relationships—whether with her husband Vicky Jain, Vicky’s mother, or even her ex-boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput—have garnered media attention on a regular basis.

Vicky was very upset with her eviction

Nobody saw coming, not even her husband Vicky Jain, that Ankita Lokhande had been evicted over Manara and Abhishek in Bigg Boss 17. He also praised her journey. With shock, he said. It was my belief that you would win. You didn’t, and I’m startled. In fact, every member of the team is taken aback.” Once Ankita was evicted, Ankita’s sister-in-law broke down in tears. The “Pavitra Rishta” actor admitted her surprise and stated she was speechless.

The message for Ankita from Vicky

During season 17 of “Bigg Boss,” Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain were the most talked-about contestants. Vicky composed a letter for Ankita following her eviction from the ‘BB 17’ finale. His words were, “Ankita, you made the Lokhandes and Jains proud! Harr Cheez Mai, you were the best—whether it was how you approached the game or how you never gave up. I’m sure your friends and admirers are proud of you.

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