Anant Hegde’s controversial statement on Devendra Fadnavis

Devendra Fadnavis
When Devendra Fadnavis became the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and resigned within 80 hours of his tenure. It raised a lot of questions among the common man.

When Devendra Fadnavis became the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and resigned within 80 hours of his tenure. It raised a lot of questions among the common man. Everyone wondered how come a calculative party like BJP can make someone a Chief Minister without majority? What was the reason behind the hush hush decision for making Fadnavis as CM? Whatever was happening in Maharashtra in the month of November has shocked the entire nation. It looked like a play ground more than anything else. The political crisis has appalled the people of Maharashtra.


Devendra Fadnavis’s second term as CM became the shortest tenure of a Chief Minister of Maharashtra. On 26th November, he resigned from the post of Chief Minister of Maharashtra due to lack of majority in the legislative assembly. The whole scenario itself raised a lot of questions on the decision making of BJP. Everyone was baffled by this plot twist. But another flabbergasting thing happened which no one could ever imagine.

Former Union Minister and Karnataka BJP leader Anant Hegde claimed that making Devendra Fadnavis Chief Minister for 80 hours was all planned and staged. He claimed that Fadnavis was made CM to facilitate the transfer of Rs.40, 000 crore and also prevent the miss use of the funds by the opposition coalition i.e. NCP, Shiv Sena and Congress.

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Anant Hegde said, Ex-CM for 80 hours Devendra Fadnavis moved Rs.40, 000 crore and returned to the central government within 15 hours of his reign. As a Chief Minister of Maharashtra, he had these funds in his control. Fadnavis even added that all this drama was staged by BJP to save the funds from getting misused by the opposition coalition. This kind of news coming from the BJP camp has confused everyone about Indian Politics. Social media has been flooded with memes which proves how much shocked Indians are after the crisis unfolded in Maharashtra.

Devendra Fadnavis, has denied all the claims made my Anant. He also replied, no money has been returned to the centre and no policy decision has been taken by him as Chief Minister of Maharashtra. He clarified that, as far as the bullet train project is concerned, the Maharashtra Government has no role except land acquisition and the only decision taken by Fadnavis administration during his tenure was the release of aids for farmers.

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The question remained the same that how come someone from the same party can make such a sensational claim? In the past also Anant has a track record of giving disputed speeches but this one broke all the records. Fadnavis took oath to move Rs. 40, 000 crore for state development back to the centre is it really true? Or BJP is trying to save its face by making such claims? Or is it another smart move of BJP?


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