I feel if taken into consideration you can decide to select a candidate to vote in this election.

Now you are a registered voter and you have made up your mind to cast your vote. But the question arises whom to vote? HOW TO CHOOSE A RIGHT CANDIDATE IN ELECTION

I will help you with my personal opinions and some valid points which I feel if taken into consideration you can decide to select a candidate to vote in this election.

1. Find your constituency:

Find the constituency you belong to on government sites and check your name in the electoral list.

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2. Find the list of the candidates:

Find out all the candidates standing in your constituency and start gathering information about them and then analyze their background.

3. Position of a candidate on the issues:

You should check that where your candidate stands when they take their position on issues, while thinking about issues think about community, state and national issues you want the candidate to address.

4. Leadership qualities:

When you are checking a candidate to vote, kindly observe their leadership qualities and think about the characteristics you want in a person to choose him/her as your leader. Like honesty, intelligence ability to communicate or building a connection with people or something else you want to add. Check yourself.

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5. Experience:

Gather all the information about the candidates and see if the person has an experience in politics and administration. How he or she has reached this level today? Had they started from a volunteer and reached to a position with their hard work or they are there just because they belong to a political family and party’s top leadership.

6. Observe candidates debates and speeches:

To choose a right candidate you should observe how the person give speeches and how they take part in debates? Are they practical enough when they are talking or addressing a public rally or they are playing with your emotions with their political tactics?

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 7. Observe their statements for other candidates:

Look for the statements the candidate gives for their opponents. Are they talking about facts and figures or they are just mongering rumors to create a wrong perception about their opponents?

8. Blame game:

When one candidate blames the other candidates or the party for the major issues happening in the country, kindly check your facts first before accepting that as a truth and find out whether the person is actually accused of creating that issue or there are other factors responsible for that problem. Was the candidate really in position to tackle the problem in given time frame and what kind of efforts he has made to minimize the problem?

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 9. Promises:

Check the manifesto of all the parties in your area and analyze whether the promises they have made in their manifesto are realistic and applicable or not. Are they fooling you by making fake promises to gain the votes to come in power?

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 10. Find the best possible candidate:

Politics is all about voting for the best possible option available to elect rather than criticizing them in general and putting everyone in the same boat.

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It’s for us to decide and select the best candidate for our constituency. Don’t just follow the crowd blindly without using your brain or analyzing what is wrong or right? It’s your right.


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