Neeyat Movie Review – Is it worth watching?

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Recently, I watched Neeyat on Amazon Prime Video, and I kept thinking about what made Vidya Balan, a wonderful actress, choose to star in such a terrible film. This boring, predictable movie, starring Vidya Balan, doesn’t provide anything unique.

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The Story – Neeyat

This idea has been used before, particularly in English movies in which there is one murder and several suspects.

Ram Kapoor plays AK, a businessman accused of robbing Indian banks of money and escaping detention in the United Kingdom. He throws a birthday celebration for himself at his castle in the UK, inviting his loved ones. Even a CBI agent named Mira Rao, played by Vidya Balan, attends the party where Ram Kapoor reveals a shocking revelation to his friends and family about something very significant. But soon after, he takes his own life. Mira believes it to be murder nonetheless. Everyone in the gathering had a reason to kill the man. Who was responsible for Ashish Kapoor’s death?

The star cast includes Vidya Balan, Ram Kapoor, Rahul Bose, Neeraj Kabi, Amrita Puri, Shahana Goswami, Niki Walia, Dipannita Sharma, Shashank Arora, Prajakta Koli, Danesh Razvi, Ishika Mehra, and Madhav Deval, all of whom play prominent roles.

The movie Neeyat didn’t measure up to the hype because its twists and turns were essentially predictable. Although this movie features a cast of professional actors, none get much of an opportunity to shine due to the poor screenplay. The film Neeyat was hampered by lacklustre acting.

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What did not work?

The movie’s high point should have been the parts where information begins to emerge regarding why the closed ones of AK may have slain him. However, the scenes are uninteresting and fail to hold the audience’s attention. Even the climax was so boring that it didn’t excite the audience by the end of the movie.

The plot, co-written by Girvani Dhyani, Advaita Kala, and Priya Venkataraman with director Anu Menon, is a classic example of too many stories ruining the soup. Focusing on any one character or specific facial expression is challenging since there is so much going on at once.

Cinematographer Andreas Neo deserves special recognition for exquisitely capturing the backdrop of the plot and the picturesque aerial vistas of the castle, even though the screenplay and execution are unimpressive. There are many scenes that were shot in the dark, but you never have trouble understanding what is happening.

The movie’s background music hasn’t been much of an improvement. The homosexual and lesbian communities have also been highlighted by this movie, although once again in a conventional manner. Rahul Bose has been portrayed in a very inappropriate way.

In terms of his beard, body type, clothing, and most crucially, a few plot connections, Ram Kapoor’s character, who plays the part of a wealthy businessman living in the UK, resembled Vijay Mallya better. Everything else in the movie is devoid of uniqueness, just like his appearance.

Although Vidya Balan is a fantastic actor, this film does not honour her abilities. Instead of garnering my interest at the beginning of the movie, the introduction of so many stars every few minutes quickly made me lose it.

Should you watch it?

In conclusion, Neeyat is far from ideal. It required a more concentrated screenplay, much better writing, and nuanced acting. A cameo (Shefali Chhaya) might make you grin at the end, but it won’t be enough to save the sinking ship. Your expectations may be dashed if Vidya Balan is your favorite actress.

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