Ways to Kill Time at Home during Lock Down

Ways to Kill Time at Home during Lock Down

Ways to Kill Time at Home during Lock Down

The common problem most people face during this exclude is the way to kill this boredom. This was a dream for many before the lock down to chill at home like old style summer holidays, but when the dream has actually come true, we are trying to find ways to distract ourselves. With the spread of Covid 19 – Corona virus people have no choice other than to be at home and pass their time. Let me ask you few things:

Are you fed up being at home?

Are you fed up being unable to try and do your favorite things?

Are you fed up being on your smart phone throughout the day?

Are you fed up wondering unwanted thoughts but the very fact is “you aren’t sad you’re bored”?

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Many people view this time as rejuvenation time except for few it’s depressing and worse than death. Understand one thing it is awfully a normal reaction and therefore the situation is unprecedented. For an individual like me who is hyper active, this case could be a punishment and therefore the idea of being at home for almost 3 weeks feels a bit scary. In addition to this, it’s often a bit unsettling to determine what the mind will form up once it’s lacking distractions.

But when we can’t avoid the situation let’s work it out in our favor and use the time to your advantage.

List of Ways to Kill Time at Home during Lock Down


Play Games

Being at home is the best time to play games and find eliminate your boredom. Play on whatever platform you’ve got whether it’s play station, laptop, Xbox, mobile phone etc.  The foremost popular and easy to play games are Ludo, Tambola, Word power, super Mario, mind game like Sudoku etc. You will be able to play interactive online games together with a headset. It is a best way of distraction and there are innumerable time killing games to engage you in.

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Create your Website and Start Blogging

Create your own website and begin blogging. Bring your ideas to existence by writing and managing your own website. Like this you will be able to engage along with your followers by sharing posts and replying. You can pick topic which can be useful to several people. Starting a blog is awe-inspiring and daunting too. You never know after you start making money from blogging. If you need any help regarding creating your website, kindly leave a message.


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Books by far is the best way to pass time. I am sure people like me who are an avid reader would agree with me. There is lot of websites which contains vital information about what’s happening around or topics on health and wellness, fashion and lots of more. Reading is extremely essential because it induces your knowledge, makes you smarter and improves your vocabulary. Grab a book which you’ll enjoy be it fiction, romantic, spiritual etc.


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Lift your butt

Whether or not you are stuck at home, there is no excuse for you to park your butt on the sofa and laze around. There are many home see options available online. It is the most effective way to stay fit and get rid of the boredom. This will keep you energized throughout the day and won’t let you pile up those extra calories which you are going to hog on while sitting on your couch all day long. The best part is you can exercise anytime you would like and there is no restriction of your time.

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Pick up something which excites you

This is the perfect time for you to learn a new skill or acquire an old habit. I’ll share what I attempted, I am keen on dancing so I picked up Nora Fatehi song “Saki and Saki’ and practiced the complete choreography. This was something which I exploit to try as a baby, copy Madhuri Dixit’s song and dance like no one is watching. I do know a devotee who could be a captain and likes to sketch; another friend is making Tik Tok videos. So it is up to you how you would like to induce eliminate this situation or stuck yourself in No Zone mode.


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